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Premium Water Filtration Systems in Sudbury

Are you fed up with the quality of your water? Or maybe you’re tired of constantly buying bottled water that harms the environment ?Whatever the case may be, Castle Plumbing & Heating is here to improve the quality of your water. Browse from our inventory of iron or sulphur water filters, UV protection and other water filtration systems in Sudbury. Not sure what it is you need? Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will explain your choices to you and help you make the right decision for your needs; and our professionals can install these systems for you. Browse the products listed on this page and contact us to request information on what we have in stock.


Why Choose a Water Filter?

There are countless reasons to install a water filter on your property, including:


Access to Clean Water: A water filter eliminates all the harmful particles to give you uninterrupted access to clean water whenever you want. 

Improved Health: A water filter can separate chemicals from your water. This helps you avoid the adverse health effects associated with the regular consumption of these chemicals.

Protect Your Plumbing System: Unfiltered water consisting of chemicals and harmful bacteria can be hard on your plumbing system. A filtration system can protect your plumbing system and help you save money on repairs. 

Better Taste of Water: Water filtration systems weed out the bacteria that give your water an unpleasant taste. Water that is purer tastes better and has no foul odour.

Protect the Environment: Water filtration systems are an environmentally friendly option compared to buying mineral water bottles. Plastic water bottles and their plants are responsible for causing an immense amount of pollution. 


We can expertly install a suitable water filtration system for your needs. If you'd like to learn more about its benefits, we invite you to have a chat with our team. We provide a whole range of advanced water filters that protect you and your family from water-borne diseases. You can read more about them in the sections below. 


Signs Your Water Filter Needs Replacement

Your water filter will tell you when it requires a replacement. Some common signs that point towards a need for an inspection are:


Bad Taste: Bad tasting water is one of the most apparent signs indicating the need for replacement. 

Decrease in Water Pressure: Several reasons, such as a clogged-up system, can cause the water pressure from your filter to drop steadily.

Odd Noises from Your Faucets: A malfunctioning water filtration system can cause odd noises to come from your faucets. 


When your water filter breaks down, our team can install a new one. We provide high-quality systems that last you a long time. 

Water Filtration Systems

Excalibur Superior Water Softener

Excalibur Superior Water Softener

This full automatic water softener features clear water iron removal and state-of-the-art computerized technology. It even cleans itself on demand!

Superior Chemical Free Iron/Sulphur Filter

Superior Chemical Free Iron/Sulphur Filter

This chemical free filter will eliminate iron staining and odours associated with sulphur.

Excalibur Tannin Filter

Excalibur Tannin Filter

Formed from the decomposition of vegetation and other organic matter, tannins can cause issues when they make their way into your water supply. This Excalibur filter will remove up to 3 PPM of organic tannin compounds from your water.

UV Purification

Viqua™ D4-V Disinfection System

Viqua™ D4-V Disinfection System

This will remove 99.99% of harmful contaminants and microorganisms, including E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia, providing safe water throughout your home. UV Purification is natural and adds no chemicals to water and doesn’t affect the taste or odour. This Viqua™ unit provides flow rates up to 8.9 gpm, and is NSF 55B certified.”

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Excalibur 4-Stage RO System

Excalibur 4-Stage RO System

This reverse osmosis system can handle up to 50 gallons per day and features a large 5 gallon storage tank. With this drinking system, you will be sure to enjoy premium water quality.

Excalibur Premium 5-Stage RO System

Excalibur Premium 5-Stage RO System

This unique, high pressure system is perfect for anyone wanting superior water quality. This system, with a booster pump, is the best design on the market for pure water on demand.

Canister Filters

canister filters

We carry an extensive selection of 10 inch and 20 inch long filter cartridges for all of your pre-filtration needs, including:

  • Washdown filters

  • Sediment filters (stringwound and block)

  • Carbon blocks

  • Dual gradient filters

Contact Us

Our team values your health! We provide a complete list of high-quality water filtration systems that effectively rid the water in your home of bacteria, harmful particles and chemicals. If you'd like to learn more about our water filtration systems in Sudbury, call us. We also provide other services such as HVAC services, water pumps and plumbing repairs.

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