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Check Out New Furnaces in Sudbury from Castle Plumbing & Heating

Getting a new furnace can make all the difference during the cold winter months, especially in Sudbury! At Castle Plumbing & Heating, we offer several different models of energy efficient furnaces from York®. We encourage you to browse the products list on this page and to contact us to request information on the latest products.

Gas Furnaces

YP9C Affinity™ Modulating Furnace

YP9C Affinity™ Modulating Furnace

The Affinity™ 9.C Series high-efficiency gas furnace is a step up for every home in Sudbury. One of the main reasons is that York Affinity™ modulating gas furnaces are continuously adjusting their heating level by 1% increments in order to match the degree of comfort needed. These furnaces can maintain indoor temperatures to within ½ degree of the setpoint. By slowly ramping up and down, the variable speed, ECM, blower provides quiet and efficient air distribution and reduces overall utility consumption. With up to 98% AFUE, the Affinity 9.C is one of the highest rated gas furnaces in the industry.

TM9V LX Series 2 stage variable speed furnace 96% AFUE

TM9V LX Series 2 Stage Variable Speed Furnace 96% AFUE

TM9V LX Series 2 Stage Variable Speed Furnace provides hot surface ignition and high heat transfer with aluminized tubular heat exchangers which provide excellent efficiency. This furnace is perfect for installation in both residential and commercial applications. It features a two stage heating operation with a two stage gas valve, a two stage inducer operation and a variable speed ECM blower.

TM9V LX Series 2 stage variable speed furnace 96% AFUE

TM9XC LX Series Single Stage Furnace with DC Motor – 95.5% AFUE

With induced combustion, these compact units offer reliable hot surface ignition and high heat transfer aluminized tubular heat exchangers. These are factory shipped for installed in both upflow and horizontal applications, but they can also be converted for downflow. Designed for residential installation in basements, closets, alcoves, attics, recreation rooms and garages, these furnaces are also ideal for commercial applications. Every unit is factory assembled, wired and tested to assure installation and operation that is safe, dependable and economical.


Affinity™ Touch Screen Communicating Control

Affinity™ Touch Screen Communicating Control

The revolutionary York® Affinity Residential Communicating Control is perfect for anyone upgrading their home comfort system. Unlike a traditional thermostat, the control talks to every smart York device in your home comfort system to ensure everything is working together at the maximum efficiency. Whether you’ve got a furnace or an AC and any other accessories, the York Affinity Residential Communicating Control will allow you to set a new standard in sophistication and ease-of-use, creating the best possible comfort level for your lifestyle.

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